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01/03/00 El Salvador Man in Canada Gets Deportation Order Suspended
01/05/00 Canadian National Newspaper Slams Federal Lesbian Program Funding
01/12/00 Montreal to Host All Gay Art Festival
01/15/00 Canadian Labour Congress Launches Workplace Anti-Homophobia Campaign
01/20/00 CLGRO Celebrates 25 Years
01/24/00 CityTV's Q Files Announces Expansion
01/24/00 Gay Radio Station Hoped for Toronto
01/26/00 Alberta Teen Threatens to Copy Columbine Killings
01/27/00 Toronto Police Chief Designate Disappoints at Community Meeting
01/29/00 Calgary Chapters Store Loses Books to Homophobes, Asks for Help
01/31/00 Whistler Gay and Lesbian Ski Week
02/02/00 Toronto Area PFLAG Erects Billboards, Mayor Refuses to Endorse
02/07/00 Canadian Medical Schools Told to Stop Homophobia
02/07/00 Sticks and Stones and Suicide Artists
02/08/00 Canadian Omnibus Equality Bill Expected
02/10/00 'An Historic Day for Equality Rights in Canada'
02/10/00 Vancouver Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity Announced
02/12/00 The New Canadian Equality:  A First Look
02/14/00 New Canadian HIV Web Channel Launched
02/15/00 Man Shot Dead at Mixed Toronto Bar
02/16/00 Corrections Canada Policy Reversed for Trans Inmates
02/17/00 Quebec's l'Universite Laval goes 'Coconuts'
02/19/00 The New Canadian Equality:  What It Means, Exactly
02/20/00 Canadians Hit Programme at Israeli Film Festival
02/24/00 Alberta Bill to Ban Marriage Passes Second Reading
02/24/00 Canada's Equality Bill Passes Second Reading
02/26/00 Ontario Expands Protection to Include Jeers, Jokes
02/26/00 Russian Refugee Lands on Canadian Soil
02/28/00 Canadian Prison Guard -Inmate Sex Alleged, Being Investigated
02/29/00 Arrest Made in Edmonton Murder
03/01/00 Canada's Justice Minister Defends Not Legislating Marriage Definition
03/03/00 Canada's Lobby Groups Testify on Equality Bill
03/03/00 Ontario Human Rights Commission Fines Printer for Discrimination
03/06/00 Nova Scotia Judge Says 'Medical' Masturbation of Teens Not Sexual Assault
03/06/00 Second Toronto Bar Killing Angers Local Residents
03/11/00 Canadian Benefits Bill In Trouble
03/13/00 Toronto Gays Demand Drug Cleanup
03/14/00 Family Advocates Protest Equality Bill on Parliament Hill
03/15/00 EGALE Prepares for Possible Age of Consent Change
03/16/00 Supreme Court of Canada Told Porn Part of Gay Identity
03/20/00 Alberta 'Notwithstands' Marriage
03/20/00 BC Teen Suicide Aftermath:  Conflict Ensues Over Prevention
03/21/00 Toronto Drag Queen Runs For Mayor
03/22/00 Nova Scotia Doctor to be Re-Indicted
03/22/00 Canadian Government Loses Courage
03/22/00 Equality Bill Anti-Marriage Amendment Proposed
03/23/00 Gay-straight clubs to be created in BC schools
03/23/00 Canada's Equality Bill Falls Victim to Liberal Caucus Leadership Row
03/24/00 BC Group Wins Against Mayor for Proclaiming Pride Day with No 'Pride'
03/31/00 Dr. Laura:  Canadian Judgment Day Coming
04/04/00 Equality Bill Slices and Dices
04/04/00 Canadian 'GayTV' Channel Hopeful Files with CRTC
04/04/00 Controversial Canadian Film Abandoned
04/04/00 Natives Oppose Equality Bill
04/07/00 Canada Introduces New Immigration Act
04/07/00 Newspaper Ad Attacking Gays OK
04/07/00 New Canadian GLBT Search Engine Launches
04/07/00 Toronto's 'The Barn' Charged For Nudist Party
04/10/00 BC Principal Moves to Stop School Club Formation
04/10/00 Health Canada Releases Advisory on St. John's Wort
04/10/00 Canadian Comedy Festival Returns
04/11/00 Canadian House of Commons Overwhelmingly Passes Equality Bill
04/14/00 Notable Pink Presence in Canadian Cable TV Application Round
04/17/00 Protests, Phone-Jamming, Denouncements & Demotion:  Dr. Laura campaigns heat up.
04/24/00 Toronto Mayor Asks Community to Meet with Police Chief
04/24/00 CBC Radio Essay Opportunity
04/24/00 Demo to Keep Toronto's Sunnybrook HIV Clinic Open
04/25/00 Murdered Montreal Men Chosen for Being 'Easy Prey'
04/27/00 HIV-Positive NFLD Man Convicted of Aggravated Assault
04/27/00 Toronto Dyke March Fundraiser Club Event
04/28/00 First Canadian GLB Survey Dispute Settled
05/01/00 Gay Man's Body Found in Toronto Condo
05/01/00 Toronto's Fashion Cares
05/09/00 Dr. Laura:  Canadian Judgment Day Tomorrow
05/10/00 Dr. Laura in Breach of Canadian Broadcast Ethics
05/10/00 Montreal to Auction Hand-Painted Plate by Madonna for HIV/AIDS Residence
05/10/00 HIV Blocking Potential of Microbicides Unrealized:  Canadian AIDS Specialist
05/11/00 Rainbow BC to Interior's Mayors:  'Them's fighting words'
05/12/00 Canada's Equality Bill Moves Through Senate
05/15/00 Toronto Lawyer Battles City Hall To Marry
05/15/00 Dr. Laura Responds
05/17/00 Canadian Government's Mega Database Doesn't Reveal Sexual Orientation - Yet
05/17/00 Hate, Love & Legalese:  Senate Committee hearings on Canada's equality bill
05/18/00 Canada's Gay Lobby Set to Sue for Marriage Rights
05/19/00 Eight-Year Sentence Handed Down for Unprotected Sex
05/19/00 BC Teacher Suspended for Alleged Comments on Earlier Suicide
05/19/00 Canadian Same Sex Marriage:  The battle begins.
05/23/00 'A Smorgasbord of Queer Treats'
05/24/00 Murder Follows Stroll in Toronto Hustler Area
05/25/00 AIDS Activists to Ottawa:  Shorten drug approval time.
05/26/00 Ontario 'Separate but Equal' Category Stands:  Supreme Court
05/30/00 BC Government Supports Same Sex Marriage
05/30/00 Canadian Government Mega Database to be Dismantled
06/01/00 The Inside Out Toronto 10th Annual Film & Video Festival Award Winners
06/05/00 Hopes for 'Invisible Condom' Awarded Federal Funding
06/05/00 World's Largest GLBT Health Conference Set for Vancouver in August
06/06/00 Reject HIV-Positive Immigrants:  Canadian Public
06/06/00 International Lesbian and Gay Law Association Announces First Meeting
06/07/00 Proposed New Canadian Immigration Act Passes Second Reading
06/08/00 Senate Committee Forwards Canada's Equality Bill with Marriage Clause Intact
06/12/00 Dr. Laura Invades Canada
06/12/00 Reel Pride Opens in Winnipeg
06/12/00 Forty Dead While BC Government Denies Health Benefits
06/12/00 Montreal Bids for Gay Games in 2006
06/13/00 Equality Moves Forward for BC Residents
06/13/00 Pride Committee Takes On Saskatchewan Government
06/14/00 Saskatchewan to Review Proclamation Guidelines
06/14/00 Toronto Area Teacher Comes Out, Parents Angered
06/15/00 Sask Pride Proclamation Becomes Political Powder Keg
06/15/00 New Canadian Equality One Step Away
06/16/00 Gay TV Hopes Move Forward
06/16/00 Short Transsexual Documentary on Streaming Web Channel
06/21/00 Saskatoon Pride Files Human Rights Complaint
06/21/00 World's First Official Gay Scout Troop in Toronto
06/22/00 Olive Branch from Toronto's Police Chief
06/23/00 Put 'Gender Identity' in Canadian HR Act:  Review Panel
06/23/00 Canada A World Leader in Advocating Lesbian Equality
06/24/00 Toronto AIDS Memorial
06/24/00 Toronto Pride In High Gear
06/25/00 Dykes Rule!
06/25/00 Gays Say Day Sexy
06/26/00 Streets Jammed with Toronto Pride
06/27/00 Sask Pride Makes History
06/29/00 New Online Training to Meet Needs of HIV/AIDS -Affected
06/30/00 Congratulations Canada:  You're 'Common Law!'
07/04/00 Northern Mayor Warm to Pride
07/06/00 Penises, Fingers and Hands:  What's Next?
07/06/00 Capital City's New Top Cop to Hang Rainbow Flag
07/07/00 Day Will Win Race and Alliance Will Split At the Seams
07/11/00 Significant Canadian Involvement in AIDS2000
07/12/00 HIV Surge in US Not Seen in Canada
07/12/00 Canada Pledges $1M to Help AIDS Orphans
07/14/00 Newfoundland PRIDE:  Heroic Past, Proud Future
07/15/00 Enuf Is Enuf!
07/15/00 Toronto Chief:  'Mistakes Were Made'
07/15/00 BC Couple Impatient to Get Married
07/15/00 Canadians Join Call for Global AIDS Strategy
07/17/00 Shuts Down Amid Trademark Allegations
07/18/00 Quebec Couple Ecstatic Over Dual Mom Recognition
07/21/00 BC Government Petitions Court to Allow Same Sex Marriage
07/25/00 Canadians Get in Gear for Advocacy
07/27/00 Becomes The Gay White North
08/21/00 September's Around the Corner, and So Is 'Dr. Laura TV'
08/29/00 Creating a LGBT Community-Police Liaison Committee (Toronto)
09/01/00 Denver Clogger Gets Locked Out
09/01/00 Montreal Renaisance
09/01/00 Sex versus Relationships:  The Surrey book banning case