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11/23/99 ACO Recovering, Finances Secure
12/01/99 World AIDS Day in the Capital
12/03/99 GLBT Health Task Group Completes Funding Application Phase
12/03/99 Munter to Lose Governance Power in Proposed Transition to MegaCity
12/07/99 Local Entrepreneur Planning Seniors' Residence Forced to Halt, Remains Committed to Project
12/18/99 Federal Homelessness Initiative: GLBT Partnering and Priority Ranking Necessary
12/30/99 Capital's Outdoor Celebrations Set to Outglitter Clubs
01/07/00 'Downtown 'Defender' to Retire
01/14/00 Ottawa City-Wide Campus Pride Week Opens
02/04/00 The Capital's Winterlude Festival Set to Open (And the Community's Winterlube Alongside It!)
02/04/00 Ottawa's Coral Reef Club to be Revived with 'Splash Saturdays'
02/05/00 Ottawa's Community Comes Out to Winterlude Festival
02/13/00 Ottawa Club Scene Alive with Parties
02/16/00 Ottawa Community Heroes to be Honoured
02/28/00 Ottawa Youth to Set Content for Awareness Video
03/20/00 Ottawa Leather Community Targeted in Fraud Scam
03/28/00 It's Awards Season & Ottawa Gets Its Own
03/29/00 Ottawa to Get Canada's First Seniors Residence
04/04/00 Ottawa to Launch Hate Crime Awareness Campaign
04/11/00 Ottawa Health Task Group Awarded Funding
04/19/00 'Très Hot' Entertainment Line-Up to Make The Stage For AIDS 5 Go 'Pop Si-Cool'
04/24/00 Ottawa's LGX 2000 Features Over 70 Community Groups and Businesses
05/03/00 Ottawa's LGX Demonstrates Community Evolution
05/03/00 Royal Danish Embassy to Host Stage For AIDS Pre-Show Reception
05/05/00 ACO Board Presents Functional, Constructive Approach in Accountability Meeting
05/06/00 Ottawa Fashion Goes Funk
05/12/00 Canada's First G & L Retirement Home Set to Open Sept. 1st
05/31/00 Ottawa Activists Honoured
06/05/00 Capital's Stage Gets Soul
06/30/00 Party Mondays
07/04/00 Power of the Quilt Comes to Ottawa
07/07/00 Ottawa Says 'Thanks' to Diane Holmes
07/07/00 Ottawa Cop Committee Hot on the Diversity Trail
07/07/00 'What a Decade It Has Been!'
07/11/00 Eighteen Degrees and Showers, but Pride Prevailed
07/14/00 Ottawa Contest Organizers Promise a Leather Odyssey
07/18/00 AIDS Committee of Ottawa Gets New Board Chair