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12/03/99 GLBT Health Task Group Completes Funding Application Phase
01/09/00 US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case of HIV Disability Insurance Cap
01/11/00 Chicago Agencies to Launch Nation's First Psychotherapist Certificate Program for Working with Les/Bi/Gay/Trans Clients
01/31/00 The Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections Reports
02/07/00 Canadian Medical Schools Told to Stop Homophobia
02/14/00 NY State Appropriates $2M to 27 Groups for Health & Human Services
02/14/00 Medical Guru Calls for Rethinking HIV Treatment and Funding
02/14/00 Gay Men Have Double the Incidence of Eating Disorders
02/14/00 New Canadian HIV Web Channel Launched
02/17/00 Quebec's l'Universite Laval goes 'Coconuts'
02/21/00 Trees Act Against AIDS, OIs
03/01/00 El Salvador Ordered to Supply Medications
03/01/00 Young California Mormon Commits Suicide in Midst of Church Hate
03/02/00 HIV Carrier Protein Identified
03/06/00 Nova Scotia Judge Says 'Medical' Masturbation of Teens Not Sexual Assault
03/10/00 Peacekeepers Spreading AIDS
03/17/00 New HIV/AIDS Treatment Site Launched
03/20/00 BC Teen Suicide Aftermath:  Conflict Ensues Over Prevention
03/21/00 HBO Omits Lesbians From Upcoming Cancer Special
03/22/00 Nova Scotia Doctor to be Re-Indicted
04/05/00 Australian Activist Tells Suicide Conference To Expand View
04/10/00 Health Canada Releases Advisory on St. John's Wort
04/11/00 Ottawa Health Task Group Awarded Funding
04/12/00 US Insurer to Lift Discriminatory Caps on AIDS Coverage
04/24/00 Demo to Keep Toronto's Sunnybrook HIV Clinic Open
04/25/00 The Doctor Is Out: Launches
05/04/00 Massachusetts State Health Insurance Ordered to Cover Costs of Transsexual Woman
05/05/00 ACO Board Presents Functional, Constructive Approach in Accountability Meeting
05/10/00 Montreal to Auction Hand-Painted Plate by Madonna for HIV/AIDS Residence
05/10/00 HIV Blocking Potential of Microbicides Unrealized:  Canadian AIDS Specialist
05/12/00 Taz Health Department Committee to Tackle LGBT Well-Being Issues
05/23/00 US Officials Expand View of GLBT Health Concerns
05/25/00 AIDS Activists to Ottawa:  Shorten drug approval time.
05/31/00 Anal 'Pap Smear' for Gay Men Urged
06/05/00 Hopes for 'Invisible Condom' Awarded Federal Funding
06/05/00 World's Largest GLBT Health Conference Set for Vancouver in August
06/05/00 Early HIV Test Approved in France
06/08/00 Aussie Health Researchers Call for Gay Sex Ed
06/12/00 Forty Dead While BC Government Denies Health Benefits
06/12/00 Mandela to Speak at AIDS2000 Closing
06/21/00 Australian Health Planning Includes Gay Issues
06/21/00 Australian Psychologists Reject Conversion 'Therapies'
06/24/00 Toronto AIDS Memorial
06/29/00 New Online Training to Meet Needs of HIV/AIDS -Affected
07/04/00 Power of the Quilt Comes to Ottawa
07/11/00 AIDS2000:  Day One Explodes with Controversy and Activism
07/11/00 A Continent Dying, a World Threatened
07/11/00 New Drugs, New Hopes
07/11/00 Significant Canadian Involvement in AIDS2000
07/12/00 Trials of Structured Treatment Interruption Promising
07/12/00 HIV Surge in US Not Seen in Canada
07/12/00 Canada Pledges $1M to Help AIDS Orphans
07/13/00 Condom Use Rises as Bar Patrons Rally Lookers
07/13/00 New Drug Preps for Final Stage Testing
07/13/00 Hey!  Pets are OK.
07/15/00 Durban Observations
07/15/00 Durban Session Reports
07/15/00 Don't Throw Out Those Old Drugs!
07/15/00 Canadians Join Call for Global AIDS Strategy
07/15/00 Mandela Moves Crowd to Tears, Standing Ovation
07/18/00 AIDS Committee of Ottawa Gets New Board Chair