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01/07/00 Lithuanian Penal Code Draft Includes Sexual Orientation
01/08/00 President of Yugoslav Gay & Lesbian Rights Association Found Strangled
01/11/00 The US Army Pfc. Winchell Murder Reports
01/19/00 Mississippi Man Found Murdered After Disappearing New Year's Eve
01/29/00 Boston Teen Taken as Gay for Holding Hands, Assaulted
01/24/00 The Law Laughs:  Salvadorean Police Refuse to Protect Threatened Activists
01/26/00 Alberta Teen Threatens to Copy Columbine Killings
01/26/00 Malaysian Sodomy Trial Called Corruption Cover-Up
01/29/00 Calgary Chapters Store Loses Books to Homophobes, Asks for Help
02/10/00 Hate Violence Continues
02/15/00 Man Shot Dead at Mixed Toronto Bar
02/24/00 London Man Admits Guilt in Pub Bombing, Killing of Three
02/28/00 Canadian Prison Guard -Inmate Sex Alleged, Being Investigated
02/29/00 Arrest Made in Edmonton Murder
03/06/00 Nova Scotia Judge Says 'Medical' Masturbation of Teens Not Sexual Assault
03/06/00 Second Toronto Bar Killing Angers Local Residents
03/13/00 Toronto Gays Demand Drug Cleanup
03/20/00 Ottawa Leather Community Targeted in Fraud Scam
03/21/00 Nova Scotia Doctor to be Re-Indicted
03/24/00 Gruesome NYC Murder Underscores Youth Vulnerability
03/28/00 NY March and Vigil Set for Anti-Gay Murder Victim
04/04/00 Ottawa to Launch Hate Crime Awareness Campaign
04/07/00 Toronto's 'The Barn' Charged For Nudist Party
04/25/00 Murdered Montreal Men Chosen for Being 'Easy Prey'
04/27/00 HIV-Positive NFLD Man Convicted of Aggravated Assault
04/27/00 Lebanese Police Threaten to Close Internet Service Provider
04/28/00 Saudi Arabia Sentences Transvestites to Brutal Flogging
05/01/00 Gay Man's Body Found in Toronto Condo
05/10/00 Egyptian Men Charged for Drafting Gay 'Marriage Contract'
05/12/00 Taz Gay Assault TV Ad Goes to Air
05/19/00 Eight-Year Sentence Handed Down for Unprotected Sex
05/23/00 Sex with Youth Leads to 6-Month Prison Term
05/24/00 Murder Follows Stroll in Toronto Hustler Area
05/25/00 London Nail Bomber Goes to Trial June 5
06/05/00 Transgender Murder In Maryland
06/07/00 New York State Senate Passes Hate Crimes Bill
06/07/00 Oregon Establishes Groundbreaking Guidelines for Trans Prisoners
06/07/00 London Nail Bomber Ordered Drink Before Blowing Up Bar
06/08/00 Base Commander where Pfc. Winchell Murdered Given Pentagon Post
06/14/00 Twenty-Eight Arrested in Orlando
06/21/00 'One Step Closer to a Safer America'
06/21/00 Two Charged in Brutal Wisconsin Murder
06/21/00 Death Threats in Brazil