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11/23/99 ACO Recovering, Finances Secure
12/01/99 World AIDS Day in the Capital
12/03/99 GLBT Health Task Group Completes Funding Application Phase
01/03/00 London Gays Protest Christianity Celebration at St. Paul's Cathedral
01/03/00 PFLAG Puts Up Billboard Signs in New Jersey
01/14/00 Ottawa City-Wide Campus Pride Week Opens
01/15/00 Canadian Labour Congress Launches Workplace Anti-Homophobia Campaign
01/18/00 Rome Activists Honour Memory of Man Who Committed Suicide Due to Church Rejection
01/20/00 CLGRO Celebrates 25 Years
01/24/00 The Law Laughs:  Salvadorean Police Refuse to Protect Threatened Activists
02/02/00 Toronto Area PFLAG Erects Billboards, Mayor Refuses to Endorse
02/06/00 Orange Curtain Rises for Teens (A little.)
02/07/00 Canadian Medical Schools Told to Stop Homophobia
02/10/00 Vancouver Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity Announced
02/15/00 Australian Activist Talks GLBT Poverty to G&L Business Group
02/16/00 Ottawa Community Heroes to be Honoured
02/24/00 Clergy Protest Shuts Down Fox Family TV Headquarters in Los Angeles
03/01/00 General Motors Makes First Donation to Community
03/01/00 El Salvador Ordered to Supply Medications
03/01/00 US Group Launches Web Site and Coalition
02/28/00 Ottawa Youth to Set Content for Awareness Video
03/10/00 Protests Announced Over Dr. Laura
03/14/00 Foxfamily Executives Agree to Negotiate
03/15/00 Anti Gay Activist Leaves Australia For Oregon
03/20/00 BC Teen Suicide Aftermath:  Conflict Ensues Over Prevention
03/21/00 Day of Silence Project Organized for Youth
03/21/00 'Stop Dr. Laura' Protest Garners 500 at Paramount
03/21/00 HBO Omits Lesbians From Upcoming Cancer Special
03/23/00 Gay-straight clubs to be created in BC schools
03/31/00 Dr. Laura:  Canadian Judgment Day Coming
04/05/00 Network of Students & Grads of Religious Right Schools Launched
04/05/00 Australian Rural Youth Target Harassment in Schools
04/05/00 Australian Activist Tells Suicide Conference To Expand View
04/07/00 Australian School Anti-Bias Kit a First
04/07/00 Australian Government Urged to Act on Senate Gay Super Report
04/10/00 BC Principal Moves to Stop School Club Formation
04/12/00 UK's Peter Tatchell Interviewed by David Frost
04/14/00 Making Colleges and Universities Safe for Gay and Lesbian Students
04/17/00 Protests, Phone-Jamming, Denouncements & Demotion:  Dr. Laura campaigns heat up.
04/19/00 National Youth Rally Announces Website Partnership
04/19/00 'Très Hot' Entertainment Line-Up to Make The Stage For AIDS 5 Go 'Pop Si-Cool'
04/24/00 Toronto Mayor Asks Community to Meet with Police Chief
04/24/00 Demo to Keep Toronto's Sunnybrook HIV Clinic Open
04/24/00 NOW-NYC to Protest Dr. Laura's Message of Bigotry and Intolerance
04/24/00 International LGBT Parenting Report Released
04/24/00 Book Release:  Different Rainbows:  Same-Sex Sexualities and Popular Movements in the Third World
04/25/00 '' College in Boston to Offer Course Examining Internet Hate Group Recruitment
04/25/00 UK Teachers Criticize Schools, Parents for Homophobic Bullying
04/25/00 Blair Says 'Gay OK' for Adoption
04/25/00 UK Labour:  Public Supports Non-Discrimination
04/27/00 Toronto Dyke March Fundraiser Club Event
05/01/00 European Gays Address Convention on Fundamental Rights
05/01/00 Toronto's Fashion Cares
05/02/00 Seniors' National Conference Draws Attention to a Hidden Population
05/03/00 Royal Danish Embassy to Host Stage For AIDS Pre-Show Reception
05/04/00 Director of Oscar winner Boys Don't Cry; Entrepreneur / Philanthropist; NYC Community Activist to Receive Lambda Liberty Awards
05/04/00 Leaders of the 60s to Join Gays and Allies in Civil Disobedience at United Methodist Event
05/04/00 Friends of the Reconciling Congregation Program to Surround United Methodist General Conference
05/04/00 Vice Versa Awards Honor Best of the Gay and Lesbian Press
05/05/00 ACO Board Presents Functional, Constructive Approach in Accountability Meeting
05/10/00 Montreal to Auction Hand-Painted Plate by Madonna for HIV/AIDS Residence
05/01/00 Exiled Lesbian and Gay Tasmanians Begin to Return
05/08/00 PrideRide 2000 Up & Touring
05/09/00 Dr. Laura:  Canadian Judgment Day Tomorrow
05/10/00 Dr. Laura in Breach of Canadian Broadcast Ethics
05/10/00 Egyptian Men Charged for Drafting Gay 'Marriage Contract'
05/10/00 Australian Anti-Bias School Kit Released
05/11/00 Millennium March Missing Proceeds
05/12/00 Taz Gay Assault TV Ad Goes to Air
05/12/00 Taz Health Department Committee to Tackle LGBT Well-Being Issues
05/12/00 IGLHRC Felipa Awards
05/12/00 California Alliance for Pride & Equality Launches Workplace Non-Discrimination Project
05/15/00 Dr. Laura Responds
05/15/00 Proctor & Gamble Deserts Dr. Laura
05/15/00 UK's Outcast Finally Publishes
05/15/00 Twins of UK Couple Baptized in Historic Ceremony
05/16/00 Last Out, First Back
05/16/00 High School Students Unite
05/18/00 Dr. Laura Dumped Again
05/19/00 BC Teacher Suspended for Alleged Comments on Earlier Suicide
05/19/00 Canadian Same Sex Marriage:  The battle begins.
05/23/00 University of Michigan to House National Transgender Library and Archive
05/23/00 Sex Education Workers Lose Jobs over Workshop Controversy
05/23/00 Student Brother of Gay Man to Sue School for Harassment
05/23/00 Massachusetts School Board Changes Rules for Discrimination
05/24/00 Anti- Dr. Laura Campaign Takes Out Full Page Ads
05/24/00 First Matthew Shepard Scholarships Awarded
05/24/00 Singapore Forum Outlawed
05/25/00 World Pride 2000 Shakes Italy
05/25/00 Mass. G & L Programs Won't be Cut
05/25/00 AIDS Activists to Ottawa:  Shorten drug approval time.
05/26/00 Musical Gay Bashing
05/30/00 Results of Scottish Business Tycoon Poll on Section 28 Come In
05/31/00 Ottawa Activists Honoured
06/05/00 Capital's Stage Gets Soul
06/05/00 US President Clinton Proclaims Pride Month
06/05/00 Puerto Ricans March for Decriminalization
06/06/00 Reject HIV-Positive Immigrants:  Canadian Public
06/06/00 International Lesbian and Gay Law Association Announces First Meeting
06/06/00 Lithuanian Group Threatened
06/07/00 Oregon Establishes Groundbreaking Guidelines for Trans Prisoners
06/07/00 KCBS-TV Writer Quits Over Dr. Laura
06/08/00 Big 3 Auto Makers Grant Domestic Partner Benefits
06/08/00 Base Commander where Pfc. Winchell Murdered Given Pentagon Post
06/09/00 Hundreds Rally CBS in New York Against Dr. Laura
06/12/00 Dr. Laura Invades Canada
06/13/00 Pride Committee Takes On Saskatchewan Government
06/14/00 Saskatchewan to Review Proclamation Guidelines
06/14/00 Twenty-Eight Arrested in Orlando
06/15/00 Sask Pride Proclamation Becomes Political Powder Keg
06/16/00 Short Transsexual Documentary on Streaming Web Channel
06/22/00 Olive Branch from Toronto's Police Chief
06/23/00 Canada A World Leader in Advocating Lesbian Equality
07/04/00 Power of the Quilt Comes to Ottawa
07/04/00 Northern Mayor Warm to Pride
07/06/00 Capital City's New Top Cop to Hang Rainbow Flag
07/07/00 Ottawa Cop Committee Hot on the Diversity Trail
07/07/00 'What a Decade It Has Been!'
07/11/00 Eighteen Degrees and Showers, but Pride Prevailed
07/11/00 AIDS2000:  Day One Explodes with Controversy and Activism
07/11/00 Significant Canadian Involvement in AIDS2000
07/13/00 Condom Use Rises as Bar Patrons Rally Lookers
07/14/00 Newfoundland PRIDE:  Heroic Past, Proud Future
07/15/00 Toronto Chief:  'Mistakes Were Made'
07/15/00 Canadians Join Call for Global AIDS Strategy
07/15/00 Paging Dr. Laura - Skytel Drops Schlessinger
07/18/00 AIDS Committee of Ottawa Gets New Board Chair
07/25/00 Canadians Get in Gear for Advocacy
07/27/00 Internet Resource to End University Discrimination
08/21/00 September's Around the Corner, and So Is 'Dr. Laura TV'
08/29/00 Creating a LGBT Community-Police Liaison Committee (Toronto)
09/01/00 Denver Clogger Gets Locked Out
09/01/00 Sex versus Relationships:  The Surrey book banning case