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12/14/99 Launches Free Internet Access
12/16/99, Pride Nation, and Jeffrey Sanker Deliver Millennium Parties to the World
12/21/99 In Dramatic First, Vermont Court Orders State to Treat Gay and Non-Gay Couples Equally
01/03/00 PFLAG Puts Up Billboard Signs in New Jersey
01/07/00 Gore to Appear Online at
01/09/00 US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case of HIV Disability Insurance Cap
01/11/00 Chicago Agencies to Launch Nation's First Psychotherapist Certificate Program for Working with Les/Bi/Gay/Trans Clients
01/11/00 The US Army Pfc. Winchell Murder Reports
01/19/00 Mississippi Man Found Murdered After Disappearing New Year's Eve
01/24/00 US Presidential Hopeful Visits Gay Bar in Iowa
01/26/00 Navratilova Crowns Career with Hall of Fame
01/29/00 Boston Teen Taken as Gay for Holding Hands, Assaulted
01/29/00 Miami Area Equality Ordinance Under Threat
01/31/00 The Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections Reports
02/01/00 'Don't Ask. Don't Tell.' Now, 'Don't Talk, Don't Look.'
02/03/00 San Francisco Plans to Cease Helping Deport Illegal Gay Partners
02/03/00 Sexual Orientation Not Cause for Jury Dismissal, California Says
02/06/00 Orange Curtain Rises for Teens (A little.)
02/07/00 World's 1st Leather Archives & Museum Set for Grand Opening
02/07/00 US Presidential Candidate Meets with Rights Group
02/10/00 Vermont House Committee Chooses Domestic Partnership
02/10/00 Hate Violence Continues
02/12/00 US Business Students Wined & Dined by Wall Street
02/14/00 NY State Appropriates $2M to 27 Groups for Health & Human Services
02/14/00 Medical Guru Calls for Rethinking HIV Treatment and Funding
02/15/00 US Same Sex Immigration Bill Introduced
02/15/00 Gore Sets Date to Appear at
02/16/00 GayWired Leads Hollywood Interactive Effort
02/17/00 US Gay Big Business Player to Pierce Mainstream Media with National Ads
02/17/00 Partner of 28-Years Disinherited
02/21/00 LDS Church Pro- Prop 22 Signs Used for Bonfire
02/24/00 Clergy Protest Shuts Down Fox Family TV Headquarters in Los Angeles
02/26/00 Equality Rocks Takes Off
03/01/00 Vermont Crafts 'Separate but Equal' Civil Union Bill
03/01/00 General Motors Makes First Donation to Community
03/01/00 Bradley to Appear at
03/01/00 US Group Launches Web Site and Coalition
03/01/00 US House Resolution Set to Condemn Human Rights Violations Based on Sexual Orientation
03/01/00 Young California Mormon Commits Suicide in Midst of Church Hate
03/10/00 Protests Announced Over Dr. Laura
03/14/00 Foxfamily Executives Agree to Negotiate
03/17/00 New HIV/AIDS Treatment Site Launched
03/17/00 Vermont Civil Union Bill Passes
03/21/00 Day of Silence Project Organized for Youth
03/21/00 'Stop Dr. Laura' Protest Garners 500 at Paramount
03/21/00 HBO Omits Lesbians From Upcoming Cancer Special
03/22/00 US Supreme Court Upholds Funding for Student Groups
03/24/00 Gruesome NYC Murder Underscores Youth Vulnerability
03/27/00 Vermont Couples' Rights Process Mirroring Canada's
03/28/00 NY March and Vigil Set for Anti-Gay Murder Victim
03/29/00 Toy Company Wants To Ban Gay And Lesbian Sites
04/03/00 Fellowships at the NGLTF Policy Institute
04/05/00 Network of Students & Grads of Religious Right Schools Launched
04/07/00 8th International Gay & Lesbian World Travel Expo
04/10/00 Miami's Non-Discrimination Ordinance Safe - Insufficient Signatures Gathered
04/11/00 Salt Lake School Ban of Gay-Straight Alliance Going to Court
04/12/00 US Insurer to Lift Discriminatory Caps on AIDS Coverage
04/12/00 California Assembly Committee Approves Domestic Partnership Bill
04/13/00 American G & L Music Awards to Include Webcast
04/14/00 Making Colleges and Universities Safe for Gay and Lesbian Students
04/17/00 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards
04/18/00 Newspaper Aimed at Gay Seniors
04/19/00 Students Ask Judge to Open School Doors to Club with Gay Perspective
04/19/00 National Youth Rally Announces Website Partnership
04/20/00 Vermont Couples One Step Away From Legal Recognition
04/24/00 NOW-NYC to Protest Dr. Laura's Message of Bigotry and Intolerance
04/25/00 Vermont Civil Union Bill Passed for 'Humanity, Dignity, Freedom and Independence'
04/25/00 '' College in Boston to Offer Course Examining Internet Hate Group Recruitment
04/25/00 The Doctor Is Out: Launches
04/25/00 NY Non-Discrimination Bill Moves Through Senate
04/26/00 US Boy Scouts Gay Ban Hits Supreme Court
04/27/00 $40 Million Gay Internet Bank Deal
04/27/00 Salt Lake Judge Says Student Gay Club Can Meet
05/01/00 G & L Internet Bank to Expand to Vermont
05/02/00 Seniors' National Conference Draws Attention to a Hidden Population
05/02/00 New Internet Survey Shows Gays Have 'Profound Online Presence'
05/04/00 Director of Oscar winner Boys Don't Cry; Entrepreneur / Philanthropist; NYC Community Activist to Receive Lambda Liberty Awards
05/04/00 Vice Versa Awards Honor Best of the Gay and Lesbian Press
05/04/00 Leaders of the 60s to Join Gays and Allies in Civil Disobedience at United Methodist Event
05/04/00 Friends of the Reconciling Congregation Program to Surround United Methodist General Conference
05/04/00 Massachusetts State Health Insurance Ordered to Cover Costs of Transsexual Woman
05/08/00 PrideRide 2000 Up & Touring
05/09/00 American Society on Aging to Offer Provider Training on LGBT Seniors Issues
05/11/00 Huge Gay Scholarships Set Up in Colorado
05/11/00 Millennium March Missing Proceeds
05/12/00 IGLHRC Felipa Awards
05/12/00 California Alliance for Pride & Equality Launches Workplace Non-Discrimination Project
05/15/00 Proctor & Gamble Deserts Dr. Laura
05/16/00 Gay Marketing Matures:  US panel
05/16/00 High School Students Unite
05/16/00 University Housing Discrimination Case to Go to NY's Highest Court
05/18/00 Dr. Laura Dumped Again
05/23/00 GLBT Studies Program Proposed at U of Maryland
05/23/00 US Officials Expand View of GLBT Health Concerns
05/23/00 Sex Education Workers Lose Jobs over Workshop Controversy
05/23/00 Sex with Youth Leads to 6-Month Prison Term
05/23/00 University of Michigan to House National Transgender Library and Archive
05/23/00 Student Brother of Gay Man to Sue School for Harassment
05/23/00 Massachusetts School Board Changes Rules for Discrimination
05/24/00 Anti- Dr. Laura Campaign Takes Out Full Page Ads
05/24/00 New Provincetown Brew by Maker of Gay Pride Beer
05/24/00 New England States Move to Protect G & L Students
05/24/00 First Matthew Shepard Scholarships Awarded
05/25/00 Mass. G & L Programs Won't be Cut
05/26/00 Musical Gay Bashing
05/30/00 Gays Earn Less Money:  New Study
05/30/00 Presbyterian Church Opens Up - Some
05/31/00 Anal 'Pap Smear' for Gay Men Urged
06/02/00 US Small Business Administration Reaches Out to Gays
06/05/00 Transgender Murder In Maryland
06/05/00 Puerto Ricans March for Decriminalization
06/05/00 US President Clinton Proclaims Pride Month
06/06/00 Lambda Literary Awards Announced
06/07/00 New York State Senate Passes Hate Crimes Bill
06/07/00 Oregon Establishes Groundbreaking Guidelines for Trans Prisoners
06/07/00 KCBS-TV Writer Quits Over Dr. Laura
06/08/00 Big 3 Auto Makers Grant Domestic Partner Benefits
06/08/00 Two Texas Men Arrested While in Bed Get Conviction Overturned
06/08/00 Base Commander where Pfc. Winchell Murdered Given Pentagon Post
06/09/00 Hundreds Rally CBS in New York Against Dr. Laura
06/14/00 Twenty-Eight Arrested in Orlando
06/15/00 San Francisco Ready To Party
06/20/00 Insurance Company Rebuffed for Denying Benefits to PWAs
06/21/00 'One Step Closer to a Safer America'
06/21/00 Two Charged in Brutal Wisconsin Murder
06/21/00 California Lesbian Teacher Vindicated
06/29/00 US Scouts Can Boot Gay Leaders
07/15/00 Paging Dr. Laura - Skytel Drops Schlessinger
07/27/00 Internet Resource to End University Discrimination
08/22/00 Gaywired Gets Wireless