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Youth Becomes The Gay White North

DOWN but not out, Big Brother Internet Productions in Vancouver announced July 25th that they would replace their hugely successful website with a new site - The Gay White North at  The site was recently pulled from the internet following a trademark dispute with the The Canadian Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Resource Directory, operators of the website.

"We're very excited about the launch of the new site," said Mark Robins, owner and operator of Big Brother Productions, who also operate a number of other gay and lesbian websites.

"We certainly do not harbour any ill feelings towards The Canadian Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Resource Directory," explained Robins.  "In fact, the trademark dispute with actually helped us to focus on what we were trying to achieve with our site and gave us a great excuse to rethink ourselves and even go in for a new redesign.  We're working overtime to get the new site up and running fully.  We've already had some positive comments about [it] and are looking forward to providing more content in the coming weeks."

According to Robins, the site will remain active until The Gay White North site is propogated through the internet.  The propogation, or the process in which computers on the internet are instructed how to find a particular site, is expected to take a couple of days.  An automatic link from the old site will seamlessly take users to the new site once it is active.

The new domain name, The Gay White North, is a play on the saying "The Great White North."  Robins concluded by indicating that it was not their intention to help continue stereotypes about Canada but says simply they could not resist when they discovered the domain name was available.  Bob and Doug would be proud!