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(Toronto)  Some people who live in Toronto's gay village say they are fed up with all the clubs and the people they attract.

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The battle line has been drawn at the corner of Church and Wood Streets where Toronto gay publisher Michael Schwarz is hoping to open a new pub.

The site was operated as Le Baron Steakhouse, but closed after the owner died.  The liquor licence has since expired, and Schwarz and partner Keir McRae have been trying for months to get a new licence for their Hair of The Dog Pub.

Residents in the area are opposing the plan.  They say noise in the village is deafening on the weekends.  There is litter covering Church Street, and bar patrons, most of whom live outside the area, relieve themselves along their homes.

One gay resident, El-Farouk Khaki tells Toronto's Xtra! Magazine "We're being told that we are secondary to the people who come here for brunch on Sundays.  What kind of bullshit is that?  I don't think so -- no.  It's my neighbourhood and I will fight to defend it."

Schwarz and MacRae had hoped to have the pub open for Gay Pride, but opposition at the Liquor Board forced another application hearing, despite support from area councillor Kyle Rae.

Rae, who lives a block from the location, says he isn't concerned about the noise, and complaints from some people in the area that a gay bar should not be adjacent to an elementary school are dismissed as homophobic.

The Liquor Board is expected to make a decision by the end of the summer.