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BC Couple Impatient to Get Married
Aren't buying province's 'review'

A BC couple aren't buying the move by the Executive Director of their province's Vital Statistics Office, whose body issues marriage licenses, to have a recent application for one by a lesbian couple reviewed by the Ministry of the Attorney General rather than simply rejecting it.

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They believe it's bogus and want to get married now.

In a statement issued Thursday Murray Warren and Peter Cook called the BC government's tactic 'obfuscation.'  They've opted to file a complaint with the BC Human Rights Commission, they said.

The referral from the Vital Statistics Office was in response to a request for a marriage license from BC lesbian couple Cynthia Callahan and Judy Lightwater on May 26th.  The province's Attorney General Andrew Petter came out in support of same sex marriage a few days later, urging Ottawa to change the federal marriage law.

But Warren and Cook originally applied for a marriage licence in December of 1998.  They were denied one in a reference to provincial government policy.  Since then they claim that the province has been unable to rationalize its denial with actual law or regulations.

"I believe we have been denied a marriage licence because of our sexual orientation, and, according to the BC Human Rights Code, this is a discriminatory action on the part of the British Columbia Government," said Warren in the statement.

"After living together for 29-years, itís time that Canada fully recognises our relationship," he added.

Continued Cook, "Our complaint is not that a marriage certificate is being denied us, but that our rights to be treated equally as citizens in a democratic country and as a couple in a long term, loving relationship are being denied because of our sexual orientation."