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Gay TV Hopes Move Forward
Experience from radio application being put towards TV

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Gay Radio Station Hoped for Toronto
Canadian 'GayTV' Channel Hopeful Files with CRTC
A negative outcome today in the quest for an all-gay radio station in Toronto hasn't reduced hopes for obtaining a TV channel.  In fact, it's spurred them on.

"We were overwhelmed with the support we got from around the world ... how can we be disappointed with that?" asked Keith Maidment, the man who championed the application for Rainbow Radio in Toronto.

That application was denied in an announcement made today by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).  In licensing three new Toronto area radio frequencies it approved applications from the Black, Native and senior communities.

"[The Rainbow Radio application] opens the door for others," continued Mr. Maidment, in reference to the submissions for all-gay cable TV stations presently with the national broadcast regulator.  "It gets the CRTC ready for the next round of gay applications," he added.

The firefighter and marketer with Hits 103.5 in Toronto has already begun championing the effort to have TV hopeful PrideVision become a reality.  With the official title of 'LGBT Community Liaison,' he has been spreading the word and rounding up support for the application from veteran Hamilton broadcaster John Levi, whose operations include Headline Sports.

And the experience, contacts, and knowledge gleaned from the grueling Rainbow Radio application process are being applied to the PrideVision one.  The former required the completion of 34 separate tasks, countering any and all filed opposition, and a week of CRTC hearings.

Support for that application had been indeed worldwide.  Chapters of MCC, PFLAG, youth and a plethora of other Community and mainstream organizations and individuals demonstrated their belief in Rainbow Radio through letters to the CRTC and other 'positive interventions.'

At present only one all-gay radio station exists in the world - in Brisbane, Australia.

But the competition was stiff.  Thirteen applications had been received by the CRTC for the three frequencies, including ones from two Christian groups, two Black groups, a youth group and others.

The two FM and one AM frequencies were awarded to Milestone Radio (from the Black community), Aboriginal Voices Radio, and PrimeTime Radio, respectively.

PrideVision will finally add an image to our voice!

  - Keith Maidment
In announcing its decision today the CRTC commented, "We found these three applications to be the strongest in terms of what would best serve the needs of Toronto and meet the objectives of the Broadcasting Act ... [t]hese three new stations will enrich and add diversity to the Toronto radio market ... [t]hey will also bring additional points of view and variety to Toronto area listeners."

In making its decision, the CRTC said it also took into account the best possible use of the frequencies applied for, the quality of the applications, and alternative technical options available to the other applicants.

Mr. Maidment says he and his team have turned their focus towards PrideVision because they believe that our Community needs and deserves representation in all media.

"PrideVision will finally add an image to our voice!" he exclaimed.

If approved, he says, PrideVision will make significant contributions to Canada's cultural and ethnic diversity, with many tangible benefits, not the least of which is that of providing expression for our diverse and underserved Community across the nation.

The deadline for expressing support for PrideVision is July 7th, though.

Letters, many letters, are necessary for a positive outcome, and coordinates supplied by Mr. Maidment are as follows:

  • E-mail:
  • Letter mail:  CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1A 0N2
  • Fax:  (819) 994-0218.

All correspondence must be addressed to the 'Secretary General' and must quote the PrideVision reference number of 2000-07147.  A copy must also be sent to applicant John Levy at:

  • E-mail:
  • Letter mail:  1605 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  L8S 1E8
  • Fax:  (905) 522-9744.

For further information Mr. Maidment may be reached at