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Dr. Laura Responds
Gays still 'deviant,' show 'doesn't discriminate'

Judgment Day
DR. Laura Schlessinger, whose talk radio show anti-gay content was condemned last week in a ruling by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, accepted an invitation from The Globe and Mail, one of Canada's national newspapers, to respond and "clarify her views."

In a letter published today, Dr. Laura defended her statements on gays being "a deviation from the biological norm of heterosexuality."  She wrote that her PhD in biology "informs" her perspective on "the biology of homosexuality."  She continued by saying that this "deviation" was obvious and that many "traits" deviate from "the norm."

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Characterizing her show as being "about morals, values and ethics based in the Judeo-Christian tradition," Dr. Laura went on some more about gay sex being incompatible with Scripture, etc.

She then questioned the Councils' remark that sexual orientation is inherent to a person, saying "There's a wide variety of opinion about this complex question from both research and clinical perspectives" - spinning the Councils' remark into a claim by them that being gay or lesbian was genetic - as she understands it.

The pop psychologist then came right out and disagreed with the Councils' fundamental ruling:  that her anti-gay rhetoric is abusively discriminatory.  "Far from doing harm, my show is among too few that inspire people to behave morally and ethically," she wrote.

After a few more comments were thrown in about being an advocate for children and that her (self-imposed quotation marks) "education" continues in her daily chats with kids, Dr. Laura reaffirmed traditional family values and slid in some promotion for her show.

Digging her heels in the sand with respect to her 'tough love' and 'be faithful to traditional family' advice she then defended her show as actually being a positive thing for gay people.

"I take great pride in knowing that my radio program makes a positive contribution to people's lives, including those of many homosexuals.  I was one of the first talk-show hosts on U.S. radio to take calls from gays, calls that usually involved family opposition.  I consistently counseled homosexuals to be honest with their families and the families to accept and love them.  Early in my syndicated career a U.S. station dropped my show because of these on-air conversations," she wrote.

She invited Canadians to tune-in and judge for themselves, and finished by declaring that she's not changing anything.

"I'll continue preaching, teaching and nagging on radio about morals, values and ethics," she said.

In other words, gays and lesbians are still abnormal.  And deserve 'understanding.'  In a 'tough love' context.

An e-mail joke circulating over the week-end looked at a possible bright side of being allegedly abnormal.  Los Angeles -based Robin Tyler, an openly lesbian comic since the 1970s, said:  "If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work.  'Hello, can't work today.  Still queer.'"

ONE of the complainants in the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruling last week is outraged at Dr. Laura's response to it.  He's extended a personal challenge to the 'doctor.'

"Anybody who takes the time to read the transcripts will have no trouble reaching the conclusion that Schlessinger was, as the decision states, abusively discriminatory," said Ian Crowe of Halifax in a statement today.

"I am shocked that Schlessinger has gone on the record as saying she will continue to abuse gays in defiance of the Council's ruling," he continued.

Mr. Crowe wants Dr. Laura to take his concerns about her anti-gay radio rhetoric seriously.  If she won't heed the Council's ruling he wants another one on whether she owes him a personal apology.

"I offer Dr. Laura a challenge," announced Mr. Crowe.  "If she is so certain that her remarks were not a breach of the broadcast code why not have Judge Judy, a current Paramount star, adjudicate whether Schlessinger owes me an apology or not?  I have respect for Judy and would abide by her decision," he stated.