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Dr. Laura:  Canadian Judgment Day Tomorrow
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to release guidelines

THE fate of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's anti-gay radio rhetoric in Canada will likely be sealed tomorrow when the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council releases guidelines regarding the controversial show.  A source has informed that broadcasting some of Dr. Laura's statements has been found to be "a breach of the CAB Code of Ethics."

Judgment Day
The Council, a national organization of private broadcasters, sets standards for the industry in Canada.  Although membership is voluntary, most broadcasters are in.

Members of the Canadian public who disagree with the actions of a broadcaster can file a complaint with the Council.  It is forwarded to the broadcaster in question who responds to the complainant with a copy to the Council.  Should the complainant remain unsatisfied they can request a ruling.  With sufficient requests for rulings, a Regional Council may be convened.

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Two Regional Councils, one from Ontario and one from Atlantic Canada, were convened subsequent to complaints regarding Dr. Laura's radio show.  The Council earlier stated that complaints had been received regarding the (anti-) gay and lesbian content.  The joint decisions and guidelines from those Regional Councils - to member broadcasters - are what will be released tomorrow.

The decision and guidelines come not from any federal or provincial government regulators or any court of law in Canada.  They come from broadcasters themselves, through their Standards Council.

US associates moving away

Meanwhile, stateside, 'Stop Dr. Laura' protests are increasing in frequency and more companies are distancing themselves from the 'Queen of Mean' who has been reported as characterizing gays and lesbians as biological errors, advocating 'reparative' therapy in order to change one's sexual orientation to heterosexual, and saying that "a huge proportion" of gays are pedophiles., the group of activists spearheading the campaign, recently reported that Toys'R'Us told them, "You will be glad to know the advertisement is no longer running" - with regards to that company sponsoring the call-in radio show where Dr. Laura, a PhD physiologist, provides 'advice.'

The Orange County Register, the leading print daily in the conservative southern cities of greater Los Angeles (the 'Southland'), told their readers on Sunday that Dr. Laura's column has been dropped because her "evolution from an advice columnist into more of a social commentator makes her unsuitable for the Accent section."

"It's not that we want to squelch her voice; we believe in a diversity of voices," the editor said.  "But as her column evolved from advice on personal and family relationships, I became concerned.  I made the final decision after the column that required extensive corrections.  Work like that would be equally unacceptable whether it came from our own columnists or those we purchase from outside syndicates.  If Dr. Laura returned to an advice column, I would be happy to restore her."

Dr. Laura lives in Southern California herself.

National Campaign Emerging

On the east coast, a scheduled signing of Dr. Laura's latest book in New York City at mega-retailer Barnes and Noble last Wednesday was canceled.  A protest by the National Organization for Women had been planned.  The Organization was to demonstrate because "Dr. Laura has shown a complete lack of respect for a group of parents who work just as hard as she does raising their children - gay and lesbian parents."

If Procter & Gamble has bought this show, then it's bought trouble, too.
- Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
A protest against a San Francisco station's agreement to air the upcoming Dr. Laura television show in the fall - to be produced by Paramount and syndicated - occurred yesterday.  Another one was scheduled for today in Atlanta.  Three more are set to go this month in St. Louis, Phoenix and Seattle.

"What we're seeing is local activists around the country taking up the call to put heat on television affiliates who broadcast hate," said Stop Dr. Laura national protest coordinator, Robin Tyler.  "Many rightly see these hate broadcasts as carrying a potential price in the form of increased gay bashing, teen suicides and a general assault on the rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered people.  When Vermont legislators were bombarded recently with anti-gay marriage calls, local organizers there traced the anti-gay calls to appeals for such made by Schlessinger on her radio program."

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has joined in the campaign.  GLAAD is taking on the decision by consumer products giant Proctor & Gamble to purchase ad time on the planned television broadcast.  "If Procter & Gamble has bought this show, then it's bought trouble, too," said Entertainment Media Director Scott Seomin today in a statement.

And in a move called 'the last straw' by gay civil rights advocates, USA Today this morning revealed that in the introduction to her new book, Parenthood by Proxy, Dr. Laura Schlessinger provides more negative comments on gays and lesbians.  She condemns what she calls the gay "lifestyle" as "sexual deviancy," blasts the gay "agenda" for "undermining" the definition of family, and laments the existence of same-sex marriage, according to

"Schlessinger's just-begun big-money media tour touting her new book has already been tarnished by growing protests over her on-the-air remarks about gays and lesbians being 'biological errors,' and about a 'huge portion' gay men being pedophiles.  And while Paramount Television, which has announced its intent to syndicate a TV show hosted by Ms. Schlessinger this fall, has promised that Schlessinger will not create a climate of hate and intolerance for gays, many fear that promise is now broken," said John Aravosis of in a statement responding to the USA Today revelation.

"In her latest attack on gays and lesbians, Laura Schlessinger accuses us of sexual deviancy and undermining families, implies that we are neither healthy nor normal, and suggests that we are unfit parents.  And now she'll be using her subsidized book tour to spread more disinformation about gays and lesbians.  It's time to tell Paramount and Viacom one more time that enough is enough.  How many more times will Laura Schlessinger have to label us 'sexual deviancy' before they do the right thing?" continued Mr. Aravosis. will provide coverage of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council announcement tomorrow.