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Ottawa to Get Canada's First Seniors Residence
$5000 investment opportunity for global Community members

Future Site  of Rainbow's End

PLANS for Canada's first gay and lesbian retirement home are one step away from being realized.

Raising complementary outside investment is all that's left to be done in an Ottawa man's attempt to launch "Rainbow's End Seniors Residence" downtown.

Businessman George Hartsgrove is taking his success in the accommodation sector of the local gay and lesbian travel industry and using it to leverage another undertaking in the area of housing for Community members.

His existing operation, a guesthouse called Rideau Valley Inn, has been unable to meet demand over the past few months so he's put in a conditional offer on another, larger property.  A request to city officials for a "minor variance," to reflect the guesthouse having more rooms in the new property, was approved this week.

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The existing property, where the guesthouse currently stands, will be converted to Rainbow's End.

"It will be for people at the stage where looking after themselves in their own environment - as well as maintaining a house - is just too much," said Mr. Hartsgrove.

The retirement home will offer residents 3 meals a day and cleaning services.  A full-time houseperson will live on site.  Other ad-hoc services will be available, such as making transportation arrangements.

The concept is being promoted as a healthy alternative to the social isolation of both aging and being gay.

"The new retirement home ... will provide quality housing and communal living for seniors who are healthy and independent but feel lonely and isolated ... for those who want to maintain their independence and have a need for enhanced social support free from bias and discrimination," Mr. Hartsgrove proclaimed in a statement.

Pressing Financial Plan

George Hartsgrove
"There's a huge demand for this," declared the businessman, whose success in the accommodation industry combines with prominence in Ottawa's Community as the former head of advertising during the building years of the large print publication.  "Lots of applications from potential residents have been received," he stated.

Investment is now being solicited in order to complete the process.  Mr. Hartsgrove is offering 12% return on investment for share purchases of between CDN $5000 and $70,000.  The plan builds on significant investment by himself from operations of the Rideau View Inn.  He will retain control.

But the offering must be completed by the end of April, Mr. Hartsgrove stresses, and he is trying to maximize awareness throughout North America of the opportunity.  He's relying upon active Community interest to help finish building Rainbow's End.

George Hartsgrove may be contacted at gwh@istar.ca or (613) 236-9310 [voice] and (613) 237-6842 [fax].