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It's Awards Season & Ottawa Gets Its Own
Capital sees remarkable community development

Heroes of   2000 FROM new bars opening to new festivals launching, from groundbreaking work by new interest groups to pushing the envelope of excellence and accomplishment by well rooted ones, the capital's Community has experienced an extraordinary year of development.

GLBT life in this city is no longer a 3-hour window on Saturday night at Bar "A" or Bar "B" (The big decision!) with a small group sport night during the week.

The growth and cosmopolitanization of Ottawa in general in the 90s, beginning with the business sector taking off in the wake of those massive government lay-offs in '94, has been paralleled by an even larger explosion of the GLBT Community.

Greater Ottawa is now a leading Canadian Community.  Everything's here.  People don't leave here anymore, they move here.

And it's been done darned well.

Dean Ross of the leather community, in the news last week, won another title this year.  The Health Task Group has spent over 12-months planning a project to improve health service delivery in this city for all of us.  Two new bars have opened, creating new options for socializing with a drink.  A rainbow chapter of Business Network International has started.  The first Lesbian & Gay Expo last year was such a success it's going to be spring's annual milestone event.  The doldrums of February will now be broken by Winterlube each year.  The Stage for AIDS is always a success.  Regional Councillor Alex Munter continues to work 60-hours a week improving this city and fighting for us.  The Community's relationship with police has been so innovative and successful that Carroll Holland of the Liaison Committee has been invited to a conference in Michigan to share the knowledge.  And Pride keeps getting bigger and better, and will likely continue to, regardless of the ups and downs each year of that massive undertaking.

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Ottawa Community Heroes to be Honoured
What do you think has been behind all this moving forward?  An HRDC grant?  (Sorry, couldn't resist!)  PEOPLE!

On May 26th Ottawa's Community achievers will be honoured by Capital Xtra! in an evening of style and recognition.  Well planned and accessible, Capital Xtra's Heroes of 2000 event will be a tribute to the dedication, hard work and results of people who improve our lives in this city.

Nominations are flowing in, but I am still asking for the community's help to ensure we have a broad range of nominees as we launch the awards.
-Brandon Matheson,
Publisher & Editor-In-Chief,
Capital Xtra

The fact is that it has been a remarkable year for the Community's development in Ottawa.  The categories of awards for Heroes of 2000 should be jam packed with nominations to reflect that.  (And the references above were not meant as endorsements but to stimulate discussion.  Besides, it's hardly an exhaustive list.)

So C'mon GLBT Ottawa!  Put out some work this week for those who have worked so hard for us.  The nomination deadline is April 7th.

Take a couple of hours, alone or with some friends, to assemble details and prepare a nomination.  Make an event out of it!  Get together with friends you haven't seen for a while.  Or go out for a drink while you do it.  Or make it a working lunch after working out at the gym.

Make it so those judges have just a near-impossible time deciding!  Because that's really what the case is.

Details on submitting nominations for, and attending Heroes of 2000, are available at Capital Xtra!'s site.

It's a chance to give back and have a lot of fun doing it.  And pat ourselves as a Community on the back.

And that always feels good.