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Family Advocates Protest Equality Bill on Parliament Hill

ABOUT 50 activists from The Association for Marriage and the Family protested today on Parliament Hill in opposition to Canada's equality bill C-23.

Association members waved placards that read "Unfair to Families" and "Maintain Traditional Marriage."  They were mostly allied with REAL Women, according to a Canadian Press report.

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The protesters were described as claiming that the bill fails to protect marriage due to excluding a definition of it.  They want that definition put into the bill to prevent marriage from being subject to court challenges later.

"This bill does not recognize marriage," spokeswoman Diane Watt was quoted as saying.  "It deliberately ignores the definition of marriage and the protection of marriage within the bill, and leaves it very vulnerable," she added.

Although activists conceded that the bill does not address same sex marriage they remain upset with it.  "Marriage between a man and a woman for life is what will keep us strong, and anything that equates something less than marriage which is higher, is going to hurt us in the long run," Johanne Brownrigg, a mother of 3 told CP.

Another couple who "disagree" with homosexuality said that they fear their children could be exposed to people in a same sex marriage in the future.

The advocacy group REAL Women was in the news last week after having been invited to testify in front of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in regards to the bill while a submission from the Committee for the Status of Women was refused.