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Alberta Teen Threatens to Copy Columbine Killings
School Principal Calls it Graffiti
UPDATED:  THURSDAY JANUARY 27, 10:00 AM EST (GMT-5) (below).

AN Alberta teen is threatening on his website to replicate the Columbine High School killings and makes several hate references to gays, the Calgary Sun revealed this morning.

The Chesteremere High School student portrays the Columbine killers as his heroes and states he wants "to go on a school rampage but can't acquire any weapon."

Although gays are not the only group cited as the object of his hate - targeted also are blacks, the school's teachers, female students, and another male student identified by name -  gays are referenced repeatedly.  The site reportedly describes the girls as ugly and fat and "sluts" who are only interested in the "Leonardo Difagios and gaystreet boys out there".

The principal of the high school just east of Calgary was quoted as saying:  "Is it that much different from graffiti on a washroom wall saying 'I hate all my teachers,' or 'So-and-So sucks?'  It's electronic graffiti."  Bruce Pettigrew also told The Sun that he and the Rockyview School Division are still figuring out what to do.  The student has apparently yet to be summoned by school authorities.

Southern Alberta was shaken shortly after the Columbine killings by a similar incident at a high school in Taber.


Following-up on their coverage of the threat, the Calgary Sun reported this morning that the 16-year-old Grade 11 student in question was picked up yesterday by local Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers (there's no municipal police service in Chestermere) and transferred to mental health authorities for psychiatric evaluation.  The web site of hate and threats to kill is down.

Fellow students spoke of the boy as a kid who sat alone and said little, a boy who recently quit a local midget hockey team, a student who always had a laptop and headphones and few real-life friends.
The school principal is reportedly rather busy fighting fires today and parents are in an uproar.  One wrote a letter to the Calgary Sun saying legislation should be enacted forcing schools to behave more responsibly, if they can't seem to do so on their own accord.  Apparently school officials had been aware of the threats for a week.

Fellow students interviewed by the newspaper described him as having been on the margin of the school's social circles.  They spoke of the boy as a kid who sat alone and said little, a boy who recently quit a local midget hockey team, a student who always had a laptop and headphones and few real-life friends.

"People shunned him, everybody picked on him and he just took it," one student told the Sun.  "He wasn't going with the clique," said another.

It was Rick "The Dinger" Bell of that newspaper who acted on information given him and called RCMP the day before the story broke.  The police told reporters yesterday no charges have been laid and no weapons were found in the boy's home.  He has been suspended from school.

The principal's office was described as deluged with hundreds of calls, many of them ballistic.  Changing stance, Bruce Pettigrew said:  "There is a case for alarm, let's face it.  We're trying to deal with this very seriously. But the idea is to keep things as calm and normal as possible."

The Sun ended its report with a comparison of the force of Mr. Pettigrew's words with those of the boy:  "Why is my heart so dark with beauty? And why do I no longer care?"