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Capital's Outdoor Celebrations Set to Outglitter Clubs
From early broadcasts to local weather and road closures:  What's Gonna Happen.

TAKING in the Capital's multi-million dollar global-scale outdoor celebrations in moderate temperatures is going to be the activity of choice for many Community members on this once-in-a-lifetime New Year's Eve.  From television and webcasts covering the first 2000 entry in New Zealand early Friday morning to Canadian Forces mountaineers scaling the Peace Tower as its clock moves towards '12' here, the desire to be 'out there' and part of the linked global celebration is rising.

The Corel Centre canceled its live band parties due to insufficient ticket sales but temperatures are almost just low enough for the Rideau Canal to open to skaters.  Call (613) 239-5234 for confirmation.

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The mega outdoor events are at the Hull Casino and on Parliament Hill.  Local temperatures are forecasted at a high of -5C and a low of -10 with light winds predicted.  Vehicle and pedestrian street closures are important to note, though:  No foot traffic on Mackenzie Avenue (New US Embassy Security and proximity to the Hill) or the Alexandra ("Interprovincial") Bridge from 6PM to at least 1AM.  No vehicles allowed between Kent St. & the Canal and Laurier Ave. & the Hill after 9PM.  Same for the Market area starting at 10:30.

OC Transpo will be running free-of-charge from 9PM on, however, and the Outaouais line will be offering $2 shuttles from Bank St. at the Hill to the Casino, making moving around before the big moment possible.  Indeed, with Market Station being a close Community locale requiring no cover or ticket, a warm-up visit while crawling is attractive before the big decision of where to plant.

Parliament Hill

The local tradition will be super-hyped-up this year with an hour-long performance of a large and mobile work entitled "In Motion ... A Story of Time" starting at 11PM.  Accompanied by thumping music, if portions of the dress rehearsal were any indication it will be dramatic.  As mentioned earlier, the event will culminate in the Canadian Forces mountaineers scaling the Peace Tower and extensive fireworks.  Attendance is free and 20,000 people are expected to be there.

Hull Casino

A multimedia extravaganza entitled "Harmony 2000" featuring a series of magnificent special effects incorporating a 1-square km stage and the Casino's enormous outdoor wall will take spectators on a journey through time.  Included in the production are a vintage steam train and "crystallization of the Northern Lights."  Fireworks begin at 11:30, causing a visual stereo of celebration to occur on both sides of the river when the Casino's take off in earnest at midnight.  Party "kits" will be sold for $20.  Attendance is expected to be 40-60,000 people.  Get more info at (819) 772-2100.

Television & Web Broadcasts for House Parties

Two TV syndicates have been formed in order to broadcast the big moment as it arrives in each time zone, and each major city within them, around the planet.  CBC has combined with ABC, CBS & BBC to form the "Today 2000" show with switching timed apparently to the second.  Not to be outdone, CNN will be going for 100 hours on the same theme and will be joined by CTV.  Both the shows at the Casino and on the Hill will get their 15 minutes apparently on each.  Time magazine has chosen the scaling of the Peace Tower to be the singular New Year's event picture for Canada.

Live webcasts are many with newyears.earthcam.com the most publicized.  It's already broadcasting; check in anytime to view each city's preparations and then use the time zone map to know where to go at the top of each hour starting very early Friday morning.  Community members can point their browsers to gaywired.com to take in the mega dance parties in Miami and Palm Springs and get in on the chat action.  Music and image broadcasts start at 9PM Eastern time.