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12/30/99 Capital's Outdoor Celebrations Set to Outglitter Clubs
01/14/00 Ottawa City-Wide Campus Pride Week Opens
01/12/00 Montreal to Host All Gay Art Festival
01/24/00 CityTV's Q Files Announces Expansion
01/24/00 Gay Radio Station Hoped for Toronto
01/26/00 Navratilova Crowns Career with Hall of Fame
01/26/00 London's Millennium Dome Welcomes Gay Day
01/31/00 Whistler Gay and Lesbian Ski Week
02/04/00 The Capital's Winterlude Festival Set to Open (And the Community's Winterlube Alongside It!)
02/04/00 Ottawa's Coral Reef Club to be Revived with 'Splash Saturdays'
02/05/00 Ottawa's Community Comes Out to Winterlude Festival
02/06/00 Sydney Games Signs Largest Sponsor, Expects More Athletes than Olympics
02/07/00 Sticks and Stones and Suicide Artists
02/07/00 World's 1st Leather Archives & Museum Set for Grand Opening
02/13/00 Ottawa Club Scene Alive with Parties
02/14/00 London Dome Gay Day 'Tickled Pink' with Success
02/14/00 Nazi Gay Persecution Film Well-Received
02/16/00 Ottawa Community Heroes to be Honoured
02/20/00 Canadians Hit Programme at Israeli Film Festival
02/26/00 Equality Rocks Takes Off
03/06/00 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade Attracts 700,000
03/14/00 Foxfamily Executives Agree to Negotiate
03/21/00 'Stop Dr. Laura' Protest Garners 500 at Paramount
03/21/00 HBO Omits Lesbians From Upcoming Cancer Special
03/27/00 Tasmanian Travel Guide Released
03/28/00 It's Awards Season & Ottawa Gets Its Own
04/04/00 Canadian 'GayTV' Channel Hopeful Files with CRTC
04/04/00 Controversial Canadian Film Abandoned
04/07/00 Toronto's 'The Barn' Charged For Nudist Party
04/07/00 8th International Gay & Lesbian World Travel Expo
04/07/00 Swedish Advertising Campaign for Gay Men Wins Gold
04/07/00 Who Offers Excursion Rates to Turkey?
04/10/00 Canadian Comedy Festival Returns
04/12/00 UK Mag Editor to Challenge 'Net Libel' Law
04/12/00 UK's Peter Tatchell Interviewed by David Frost
04/13/00 American G & L Music Awards to Include Webcast
04/14/00 Notable Pink Presence in Canadian Cable TV Application Round
04/17/00 Protests, Phone-Jamming, Denouncements & Demotion:  Dr. Laura campaigns heat up.
04/17/00 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards
04/24/00 NOW-NYC to Protest Dr. Laura's Message of Bigotry and Intolerance
04/19/00 'Très Hot' Entertainment Line-Up to Make The Stage For AIDS 5 Go 'Pop Si-Cool'
04/24/00 CBC Radio Essay Opportunity
04/27/00 Toronto Dyke March Fundraiser Club Event
04/27/00 Diaries of Beatles' First Manager Up for Auction
05/01/00 Toronto's Fashion Cares
05/03/00 Royal Danish Embassy to Host Stage For AIDS Pre-Show Reception
05/04/00 Director of Oscar winner Boys Don't Cry; Entrepreneur / Philanthropist; NYC Community Activist to Receive Lambda Liberty Awards
05/04/00 Vice Versa Awards Honor Best of the Gay and Lesbian Press
05/06/00 Ottawa Fashion Goes Funk
05/08/00 PrideRide 2000 Up & Touring
05/09/00 Dr. Laura:  Canadian Judgment Day Tomorrow
05/10/00 Dr. Laura in Breach of Canadian Broadcast Ethics
05/10/00 Montreal to Auction Hand-Painted Plate by Madonna for HIV/AIDS Residence
05/12/00 IGLHRC Felipa Awards
05/15/00 Dr. Laura Responds
05/15/00 Proctor & Gamble Deserts Dr. Laura
05/18/00 Dr. Laura Dumped Again
05/23/00 'A Smorgasbord of Queer Treats'
05/23/00 They're Back! - London Gay Men's Chorus hit the stage as West End Boys
05/24/00 Anti- Dr. Laura Campaign Takes Out Full Page Ads
05/24/00 New Provincetown Brew by Maker of Gay Pride Beer
05/26/00 Musical Gay Bashing
06/01/00 The Inside Out Toronto 10th Annual Film & Video Festival Award Winners
06/05/00 Capital's Stage Gets Soul
06/06/00 Lambda Literary Awards Announced
06/07/00 KCBS-TV Writer Quits Over Dr. Laura
06/09/00 Hundreds Rally CBS in New York Against Dr. Laura
06/12/00 Dr. Laura Invades Canada
06/12/00 Reel Pride Opens in Winnipeg
06/12/00 Montreal Bids for Gay Games in 2006
06/15/00 San Francisco Ready To Party
06/16/00 Gay TV Hopes Move Forward
06/21/00 World's First Official Gay Scout Troop in Toronto
06/24/00 Toronto Pride In High Gear
06/25/00 Dykes Rule!
06/26/00 Streets Jammed with Toronto Pride
06/27/00 Sask Pride Makes History
06/30/00 Party Mondays
07/07/00 'What a Decade It Has Been!'
07/11/00 Eighteen Degrees and Showers, but Pride Prevailed
07/14/00 Ottawa Contest Organizers Promise a Leather Odyssey
07/14/00 Newfoundland PRIDE:  Heroic Past, Proud Future
08/01/00 Racquetball 2006!
08/21/00 September's Around the Corner, and So Is 'Dr. Laura TV'
09/01/00 Denver Clogger Gets Locked Out
09/01/00 Montreal Renaisance