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GayOttawaNow.com asked people what they thought of the new Canadian equality - of gay and lesbian couples coming to have federal recognition as 'Common Law.'

Here's what they said:
We have lived in a same sex relationship for the last 18 years, and I don't mind becoming 'Common Law,' however, as heterosexual 'Common Law' partners decide to get married and we are left standing on the steps throwing rice at them, I would have to wonder ... are we allowed the same right?
- Gary and David, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Of course, I love it!  What's not to love?  I mean, the gay community has as many rights as anybody else in Canada to enjoy civil liberties and that includes somebody that they've taken as a life long partner.
- Rachel Bereka (L)
It's a step in the right direction.
- Sally Ashton (R)
I've got nothing against it because it's a free country, so whatever.  I agree with you guys.  As a woman, I've got nothing against it.
- Marjolaine Poirier, coffee shop patron, Ottawa.
I think it's about time they did something like that.  If two people the same sex want to get together, it's their right and they should have the same right as any common law couple.
- Brenda, quickly chosen spokesperson for group of women taking afternoon break at base of office tower, Ottawa.
A lot of laws will be passed ... I'm sure there will be some we don't like.  If you want to be equal, then now ....  I think it's a good thing, and also the adoption.
- Daniel (L)
It's been a long time coming.  We needed it.  Finally, we're equals.
- Ronald (M)
I think it's great.  I think it's the best thing that could ever happen to the gay community.
- Rob (R)
I think it's great to be equal because we're equal citizens, we pay equal tax under the law ... so it's about time we came into the 21st century and are equal.  Because we live and breathe the same as anyone else and it's about time that we got treated like that.  - Chris

Editor's note:  Chris Raynsford was found bludgeoned in his apartment in late 2002 after leaving Centretown Pub with a man.  A candlelight vigil was held in the Bank and Somerset Streets area as the snow fell on a dark December night.  Sebastien Roy was arrested in Montreal for Chris' murder a few months later and sentenced in 2006 to life in prison.