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Anticipated Releases:  William Orbit & Madonna
By Steph Bourassa

Well, the counter has turned, the big day has passed, we’ve all partly recovered by now and almost all of our computers work.  All the aftermath from the hype somewhat makes you want to say "y2 what?"

Musically speaking this year promises to be another exciting and surprising one.  The most anticipated albums for me this year are the February release of William Orbit’s latest concoction and the early summer release of Madonna’s follow-up album to Ray of Light.

Maverick Records will be putting William’s adaptation of various classical music pieces (reworked using technology instead of real life instruments) on record store shelves relatively soon.  I’ve already had the chance to listen to one of the tracks from this venture and let me tell you we are in for a treat.  The song starts out as a completely normal techno/house track only to build up to a frenzy of strings and rhythms that would make Mozart turn over in his grave and the avid club kid stomp harder than ever on the dance floor.  I will review this album once it is available but until then ,if this track can be served as a starting point, I will anticipate that a whole new generation of clubbers will soon be exposed to the beauty of classical music…  even though it is mainly through mainstream electronica.

What can I say about Madonna’s next venture?  We’ll all have to wait and see.  The trouble is, in spite of her using the same producers and composers to team up with, we can still expect the unexpected…  This is the Queen of Desguise we’re talking about.  Rumored to be part of the project as producersare Celebrity DJ’s such as Sasha (Sasha and Digweed), William Orbit (Strange Cargo & Ray of Light) and Protégé Victor Calderone (Club Liquid, e=vc2).  The album is expected to hit stores in the spring or early summer of 2000.  In the meantime, two singles are on the way, the first being the cover of "American Pie" for the "Next Best Thing"soundtrack and the second being a duet with Hip shaker and friend Ricky Martin called "Be careful (cuidado con mi corazon).”  The "American Pie" single will also contain the long awaited "Skin" remixes.  Happy New Year everyone, enjoy the music ....

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.