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The Crazy Ones
By Steph Bourassa

I think it’s official, this has been one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in months.  You see, over the past three weeks I have been planning a big party at my house.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  But there was so much to do, getting the lights, the disco ball, hanging the decorations.  My house was decked out in full club regalia.

What made this night so stressful was the pressure I had put onto myself.  You see readers, this was to be my first time mixing on the spot.  I played two sets totaling an hour and fifteen minutes of continuous dance and techno hits.  The attendance consisted of mainly very close friends and I felt a certain responsibility towards them.  They know how to party!  With me that night were some of the most refined clubbers I know.  Tonight, I would know if I made the cut or not ....

I nervously sat at my stationand began my musical set to the uprising soundtrack of Apple computers initial “Think Different” Campaign. The one that is dedicated to the crazy ones…   And continued playing to an enthusiastic crowd all night.

I had never quite felt the way I did that night, the energy of the thumping sounds rushing through me as I mixed Garbage’s Push It with the latest from Jennifer Lopez, as the reversed rezo leads horned in anticipation of the arrival of Beautiful Stranger.  To watch some of my closest friends lose it to a drum pass so intense that it would put a machine gun to shame.

I got the itch that night, and now, I’ve got to scratch it.  Hence the commencement of my career as a DJ.   This coincides with the writing of this column, you see.  What I hope to achieve with this column is the freedom to refuse to be confined to one particular duty.  I am a man of music:  I could write a review, an update on the DJ career, Technical Tips, or even a Musical Comedy review.  The only rule is that it's got to be about music.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.